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Support to our special friends

As citizens of the country we must realise that it is in the preamble of our constitution, that we stand up for our special friends who need our support and encouragement to lead a life of dignity and respect. Despite various laws and policies, the benefits of it are not reaching the beneficiaries. Among the total disabled persons in the country, 45% are illiterates. 13% of the disabled population has metric/secondary education but are not graduates and 5% are graduates and above. For empowerment of the disabled population, the attainment of education and participation in economic activity are extremely important. Each one of us can make a difference and it is time we do our bit.

Support to the daughters of the country​

The constitution of the country grants women equality and empowers the states to adopt measures for their upliftment with plans and programs aimed at the advancement of women in various spheres of life. Despite all this, the statistics today show the percentage of working-age women who are economically active in the country is far lower than the global average. It is indisputable that gender bias exists in different forms at the workplace. In rural India, women are still denied the right to education and acts of violence against them have risen significantly in the recent past. We must realize that educating a woman can bring about a significant change not just in her family but also in her community and society at large. Education and employment would go a long way in empowering the daughters of the country but it is also the duty of each citizen to make this country a safer place for fostering these basic rights of women.

Support to our underprivileged friends

When many of us enjoy the privilege of a good standard of living, education, employment and various rights, there is a significant section of the society which is deprived of any such privileges and suffer on a day today basis due to this divide. Information today is just a click away, but this knowledge is only accessible to people who are digitally literate. Our country is home for a billion plus people, out of which about 80% do not have access to the internet, those who do are often unaware of all its possibilities. For the collective and inclusive growth of the country, every citizen needs to be empowered and supported. We should try and bridge this divide, especially the digital divide and there is a significant opportunity to do this and bring self-sufficiency among the underprivileged through education and employment. With advancements in technology and increase in digital footprint in the country, there is nothing that should hold us from working in this direction.

Founding Principles

Our Mission

The way forward as a Nation is to walk together with all fellow citizens, by helping and supporting each other in whatsoever possible manner and fostering inclusivity in every walk of life, making it the core of our collective growth. The TryCycle will attempt to work in this direction and make this aspiration a reality.

About the Founder

A leader with a vision and passion to make a difference, Deepa Damodaran has spent more than a decade in the IT industry donning multiple roles and responsibilities. She today is one of the emerging women leaders at Nous Infosystems and has led various organizational and social initiatives with an aim to create a collaborative, responsible and inclusive workspace. She believes willingness to EXPLORE, courage to EXPRESS, ability to ARTICULATE and ATTITUDE to achieve are key to one’s success in whatever they aspire to be.  She did her schooling from Kendriya Vidyalayas across the country, graduated from Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri, Kollam and served in various organizations like Cognizant, Juniper Networks and Infosys thereafter. Hailing from Kannur, the City of Looms and Lores, she is an ardent admirer of ancient Indian art, traditions and literature and has been attempting to showcase them to the society through focused initiatives. A singer, an influencer, a basketball enthusiast and an adventure junkie, she is an all-rounder with a zeal to make a difference and convert her dreams to reality.

An ODE to my Hero

Watching your speech, your passion and your deeds
Inspiration was right around the corner, untold and unleashed
I saw the way you treated every woman, every man, every child, every needy helpless human
And I saw in your eyes a happiness, of a greater good that simply cannot be proven

 Pens and books, music and a lovely school…
You had given me a direction, for now I could learn, explore and then choose…
A path that not just reminds to live one’s life with dignity and pursuit
But enshrines a DUTY to mankind that one must believe in utmost

In this journey of life from islands to hills,
you told me we are all the same and so are the qualities that are instilled
But Learn a new language, a culture and a new skill
to appreciate the beauty in diversity that you will see in every walk of your life uphill

As I embark on this journey of hopes and aspirations…
 Dear father, I bow down to you for your incomparable service and compassion

And I wish every daughter has a FATHER like you, who is not just a mentor and a friend but an incredible human too!!

M V Damodaran
Retd. Joint Commissioner Rubber Board

A tribute to our inspiration