An outreach program

It is time for us, the citizens of India, especially the youth, to come forward and pledge our support to a person with disability, we call our special friend. Be someone’s enabler/mentor/supporter/motivator and become a part of this movement of change. Choose to share some of your valuable time with someone who truly needs it and values it.


One place where you can find all your answers

An information platform of various facilities / benefits / schemes available across the country for specially-abled.


Enable an Enabler

Enabling an enabler (Govt./Private Institutions / Trusts/Non-profits) by connecting them with the specially-abled, improving the present structures/mechanism for optimum utilization and delivery of existing schemes.


What you deserve

Helping any entity to incorporate inclusive policy which takes into consideration every requirement of a specially-abled. These could be anything ranging from access to premises, employment opportunities, transportation and medical facilities to creating initiatives.